Dr. Michael Worthington is our very special guest speaker on Thursday December the 8th

Michael Worthington’s career in Business began when he traded his military career for a life starting and running his own businesses. 

He has built, owned and franchised businesses from cleaning, computing, construction and now radio.

In less than twelve months after leaving the military he was winning awards. Succeeding by not following the rules set down by others, and gained a reputation for doing things differently.

In 2010 Michael was awarded ‘Innovator of The year’ by Telstra and AMP and offered membership to the Telstra Alumni, of which he is still a member. 

As a result, he has been a sought after speaker on the process of Building Business, and Authentic Brand Building.

He holds a Master’s of Science in Psychology, and a PhD in Philosophy and is the Director of 101 Business Radio, helping business owners build their Personal and Business Brand

Niek van Santen