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We are a professional Chartered Accounting firm which provides clients with tactical advice for effective business management. We pride ourselves on looking beyond compliance to deliver informed and proactive advice for the future. This is not to say that compliance is not important – to stay in business, it is critical. It’s just that at Forward Focus, compliance is simply the starting point of our service to you.

We draw on the latest technologies to keep abreast of your businesses fundamentals on a regular basis. Rather than simply look back at your previous quarters we draw on today’s information to look forward and provide you with advice that will show positive impact in the ‘current’ ‘quarter and beyond.

If you simply want a business to take care of your previous quarter’s compliance requirements then we are not the best option for you. There are many businesses that can do this for you. Such is the commodity nature of this service that some are even outsourcing services overseas.

Clients come to us because they recognise the value of a more proactive approach that enables them to realise their long-term goals. Our diverse client portfolio is testament to our capacity to deliver on the needs of any forward thinking business.


Forward Focus was established and continues to be managed by Phillip Power. The business has continued to evolve over time, being previously known as Power’s Tax and Consulting. This evolution has occurred, as new technology has developed to enable this ‘forward thinking’ business to access real time data from which they can develop proactive and timely advice.

With the traditional service model centering around compliance requirements and relying on packaged information being sent to your accountant on an annual or quarterly basis there was limited scope to provide actionable advice that would be relevant for you today. Sure, some interpretations could be made but you were essentially looking at old data – what’s more important is what happening today and what might happen into the future. Through the use of the latest cloud solutions, Forward Focus can access your ‘real time’ financials at any time to provide you with timely and relevant advice.

Of course technology is only part of the solution, we are also passionate about maintaining a high standard of service at all times, delighting clients with our reliability, quality and excellent customer service. In delivering on this we recognise that no two businesses or individuals are alike. We develop close relationships with all clients to understand and assist them in meeting their current requirements, and to assist them in developing and realising their long term goals.